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    Jürg Hafner and his highly qualified team care for patients with all types of skin diseases, regardless of their origin or age.

    I have been working in the fields of dermatology/venerology, dermatosurgery, Mohs surgery, angiology and phlebology for over 30 years.

    Working in a university hospital also means being scientifically active. Here you can find the list of my published works.
Prof. Dr. med. Jürg Hafner
Universitaetsspital Zuerich USZ


Clinic work

Jürg Hafner is Head Physician at the Dermatology Clinic, University Hospital Zurich (USZ). At the Department of Inpatient Dermatology, Dermatosurgery, Phlebology and Wounds, his team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and practice assistants looks after patients with all kinds of skin diseases, regardless of their origin or age. Languages: German, English, French, Italian, as well as a number of other languages and dialects in the team.

  • 30 years of clinical experience in dermatology and venereology.
  • Development of dermatosurgery and phlebology/wound treatment within the USZ Dermatology Clinic.
  • Further training of residents and other hospital professions in dermatology/venereology, dermatosurgery, phlebology, wound treatment.

The principal work treating skin cancer with a focus on surgical removal under local anesthesia and successful reconstruction, both in terms of functionality and appearance. In particular, the team has extensive experience with micrographic surgery (Mohs and Tübinger Torte methods) and performs these techniques more than 1000 times each year.

The medical team of the Dermatology Clinic is well connected with related departments of the USZ who specialise in other classic types of skin cancer surgery, such as plasma surgery, ORL and facial surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and oculoplastic surgery (eyelids and orbital cavity). The clinic can draw on this expertise on a case-by-case basis and also has close connections with the team of dermato-oncology experts led by Prof. Dr. R. Dummer.

The second major area of work is inpatient dermatology, where patients with particularly severe skin diseases receive primary medical treatment and additional forms of support as necessary.

Finally, the third major area of expertise is the treatment of chronic wounds. Here again, the team can supplement its three decades of experience by calling upon their hospital colleagues and network of experts who specialise in angiology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and all types of wound treatments.


Teaching medicine is a passion for Jürg Hafner.

Year after year, Jürg Hafner and his team train a large number of assistant doctors in dermatology and venereology, surgical dermatology, vascular diseases, and wound treatment.

Jürg Hafner has been a board member of the Swiss Institute for Further Education (SIWF) since 2010.

Specific projects to deepen clinical knowledge and skills are also funded by the Johann Heinrich Rahn Foundation. (

“I suppose I would want to be remembered as a competent clinical teacher. It is one of the highest professional privileges anyone can wish for.” – W.J. Hall, Past President der International Society of Internal Medicine


Jürg Hafner’s research projects deal with the surgical and non-surgical treatment of skin cancer, serious skin diseases, and the treatment of chronic wounds.

Recent research projects covered:

  • Martorell’s syndrome (hypertonic leg ulcers)
  • Local anesthesia for the skin
  • Compression treatment for legs
  • Chronic pruritus

within the focus of the staff of the departments for inpatient dermatology, surgical dermatology, and phlebology / wounds.

A number of projects have received support from the Johann Heinrich Rahn Foundation ( and the Bruno Bloch Foundation ( (both based in Zurich).

«Before I came here I was confused about this subject.
Having listened to your lecture I am still confused. But on a higher level.»
Enrico Fermi, 1901 – 1954


  • Specialist in dermatology / venereology (SIWF/FMH)

  • Subspecialisation in dermatosurgery, certificate of competence I-V for laser treatment of the skin

  • Specialist in angiology (SIWF/FMH), certificate of competence in phlebology (USGG/SIWF)